Greetings, you've found my bunker. It doesn't matter if you found this place by link or by happenstance, you found it.

So, what is this place you might ask? Well, this is my bunker. I, am Grezgov. It's pretty self explanitory.

Okay, that isn't helpful. The jist of the bunker is to be a place for me to post my various ramblings, host files, and maybe connect some people. It's also where I'll be posting my various projects. I do quite a few projects, so feel free to look through them when they're posted.

As you can see, it's bare bones at the moment. It's been a bit since my last website idea, and a bit since I last worked on a site. But hey, with absolutely nothing better to do, why not make a website.

Well, that's all for now. Keep watch for updates I guess.